• Surrender – The highest happiness

    To surrender to God is the highest happiness because surrender means to be bound by love.

  • Test drive a different viewpoint

    To be right means to make someone else wrong. Sometimes being right is more important to our false ego than knowing what’s right.

    Be brave. Entertain another viewpoint. Take if for a test drive. You don’t have to buy it; but see how it feels to sit in the driver’s seat. At the very least, it will help you appreciate there are other ways of seeing the same thing.

  • Less is More When Sleeping

    Prabhupada wanted his disciples to be awake by 4 am. If you are not rising this early, there is probably nothing as transformational for your spiritual practice as to rise at this time.

  • Walking is good for your health

    The Best Exercise is Walking

    Lots of walking is good for your health.

    Walk away from maya when she invites you to play with her.

    Walk away from your mind when it invites you to do something that is not Krsna consciousness.

    Walk away from arguments, anger, envy, jealousy.

    Walk away from those who criticize devotees.

    Walk away from any thoughts that discourage you.

    Walk away from fears that stifle your goals.

    Walk away from people whose association is detrimental to your bhakti.

    The more you walk away from anything that is not favorable to your Krishna Consciousness, the more you walk towards Krishna.

    So keep walking. It is good for your spiritual health.

  • What Are Habits?

    Habits are what we do unconsciously, practice is what we do consciously. Conscious practice of desired positive behaviors will eventually overcome unconscious undesirable habits.

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