• About Your Mind

    The way your mind takes control of your life is that it pretends to be you and then makes you think you are in control.

  • Blaming God

    Some people blame God for their problems. The truth is, He doesn’t create our problems; we do. Srila Prabhupada once said, “If anything is wrong in our organization, you should think, “I am responsible.”

  • Planting Seeds in Our Mind

    Our minds are like a field, and whatever we plant in that field will grow. Plant negative discouraging thoughts, and you will most certainly be a negative and discouraged person.

    And if you don’t plant positive thoughts in your mind, who will?

  • Why We Follow Vows

    Prabhupada didn’t teach that people primarily keep vows because they are sense controlled or spiritually strong. He taught that people keep vows because they value their word or honor. Because they value their word of honor they tolerate provocations that could cause them to break their vows.

  • What is success?

    Take stock of what talents Krsna has given you and use them to the best of your ability to do your humble part in His service. This is success. This success will please Krsna and will change the lives of many over the course of your life.

About Mahatma Prabhu

Mahatma_DasMahatma Prabhu has been serving ISKCON since 1969. He received first and second initiation from His Divine Grace, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, in Los Angeles, California, in 1970.

He has inaugurated many preaching programs and served in many capacities, including Temple President, Sankirtana Leader, Congregational Development Director, College Preaching Director, Co-Director of the VIHE and currently co-director of Bhakti Life.

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