• Blank Mantras

    A blank bullet only sounds like a bullet is being fired. Sometimes we fire blank mantras. It sounds like Krsna, but Krsna is not there.  And you can’t win your war with maya firing blank mantras.

  • Proud of Being Rebellious

    We are proud of the symbol of our rebelliousness against God.  We are proud of our material body. Yet the body is a declaration to the world that I turned my back on Krsna, something that most living entities will never do.

  • Association with devotees

    Association with devotees is essential for becoming Krsna conscious. Therefore, not getting along well with devotees will pose a huge problem for our spiritual advancement.

  • What Forgiveness Is and Is Not ?

    Forgiveness is:

    • Giving up all hope for a better past
    • Giving up the resentment to which you are entitled
    • Returning unkind acts with kindness
    • Taking responsibility for how you feel
    • Healing your wounds
    • A trainable skill that everyone can learn and practice
    • Living in the present instead of being controlled by the past
    • Taking back your power
    • Becoming a hero instead of a victim
    • A means of releasing negative energy that could be potentiallydamaging to your mental and physical health
    • Your choice
    • The virtue of the brave
    • Giving kindness
    • Showing mercy
    • Walking in another’s shoes
    • An act of love
    • Understanding and accepting other people
    • Breaking the emotional bond you have with your offender
    • The attribute of the strong
    • Setting oneself free
    • Forgiving oneself
    • Leading us to the transcendental realm

    Forgiveness is not:

    • Forgetting that something painful happened
    • Giving up your feelings
    • Denying or minimizing your hurt
    • Condoning unkindness
    • Excusing poor behavior (making a wrong a right)
    • Reconciling with the offender (although you may choose to)
    • Telling the offender you have forgiven them (although you may choose to)
  • Let the mercy pour down

    Shoot for goals you think are impossible to achieve. Don’t just shoot for chanting sixteen rounds; make an effort to chant better rounds than you could ever imagine. Don’t just do service; think of how to do it better than you ever thought possible. This is how to attract the mercy required to achieve these goals.

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