• How to get real freedom?

    If you lack the willpower to do what you know you should, you will be left with a life devoid of your ideals. Thus, self-control is real freedom.

  • GM in Mexico

    Japa Affirmations


    Some of the positive thoughts we need to cultivate for our Japa sessions:


    1. I happily and enthusiastically welcome the holy names every Japa session.
    2. I get to chant, I want to chant, and I love to chant.
    3. I easily chant my prescribed number of rounds with focus and attention.
    4. My beads are my connection with Krsna, and my ticket to back to Godhead.
    5. I treat the maha mantra as Radha and Krsna, fully present in sound.
    6. I fully honor my sacred relationship with the holy names during japa.
    7. I turn of my world and turn on Krsna’s world when i chant my rounds.
    8. I receive and feel Krsna’s mercy, mercy, and love in His name.
    9. I chant in full awareness that the holy name is my greatest treasure.
    10. I chant from my heart, feelingly praying to come closer to Krishna.
    11. I chant to be accepted by Krsna, and to repair my broken relationship with Him.
    12. I chant to please Radha and Krsna, not to gain anything material.
    13. I meditate on the meaning of the names as i chant.
    14. I organize my life to make my Japa the most important activity of the day.
    15. I am totally dependent on Guru and Krsna to chant quality Japa.
  • We See Through Colored Glasses

    We don’t ┬ásee things as they are; we see the things as we are.


  • Resistance

    What you most resist doing or changing is the very thing you most need to work on.

  • The real problem

    Your problems are not the real problem. Your excuses are the real problem.

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He went on to do a variety of services including book distribution, sankirtan leader, temple president, college preaching, congregational development, and various educational projects. This has culminated in the work he does today developing workshops, social media, online courses and books both for devotees as well as the general public through his company Sattva (www.thesattvaway.com).

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