About this site

Since 2005, Mahatma Prabhu has put most of his energy into helping devotees better understand and deal with their material conditioning and become more intentional about their Krsna conscious ideals. He sees his service as offering spiritual self-help to those wanting to or already practicing bhakti.

His teachings assist devotees in such areas as japa, forgiveness, relationships, sexual purity, humility, and especially in self-honesty, and offer useful strategies to deal with the most persistent and common problems devotees face. In short, Mahatma Prabhu is focusing on helping devotees better align their thoughts and behavior with the teachings and practices of Krsna consciousness, and is thus helping devotees become stronger, more fulfilled and better examples of God conscious. His motto is, “If we want to uplift the world, we have to first do a good job at uplifting ourselves.”

To further this mission, Mahatma Prabhu does counseling through email, and non-confidential portions of his correspondence are saved in order to be shared with others.

Thus, he is sharing a wealth of practical and much needed knowledge. It is being appreciated by many devotees because of its relevancy- and because it is effective.

Some of the devotees who have been benefiting from Mahatma Prabhu’s teachings wanted to share these teachings more widely. They asked him if they could set up a site that would classify some of the more important lessons from his workshops, classes, letters, articles, and blogs by topic.

He agreed in principle, since he already had a web site to share his articles and teachings, and acknowledged that a site of quotes would make information more easily accessible. But he didn’t want this site to be viewed as something that was set up for his disciples and thus meant primarily for them. Mahatma Prabhu travels around the world teaching and counseling devotees, most of whom are not his disciples, and wants this site to be a place where everyone feels welcome. (We will occasionally sprinkle the site with other’s quotes that he often refers to).

He also agreed, although a bit reluctantly (because of time restraints due to many projects he is working on now), to a question and answer page in which devotees can ask him questions. Many of these questions will likely already be answered in letters or articles he has already written, and those questions will be answered with these references. Otherwise, he will answer those inquiries in writing or through audio pod casts (and the link will be emailed to you).

We hope you enjoy this site and benefit from what His Grace Mahatma Prabhu offers devotees. If you have any suggestions how we can improve the site, we want to hear from you.

Your servants at Mahatmawisdom.com (This site is not directly managed by H G Mahatma Prabhu)