Please click here → SB 11.20.27-28 and read it before you proceed further into this post.

Question: Thank you prabhu for sharing the wonderful verse 11.20.27-28 from the SB.

I have a doubt here. I do have some faith in the narrations of HIS glories but yet the stage of being disgusted with material activities has not come about. Here it is being spoken of such people who feel disgusted and then try to leave them although there maybe some relapses. My position is worse prabhu. I am yet not disgusted with material activities. How can i change from here?

Mahatma Das: Open your eyes to what is going on in this world; frustration, cheating, poison as pleasure, etc. You should be frustrated. The thing is that activities in the mode of passion are such that the more you do them, the more you want to do them, so this continually hankering mentality exists and there is no end to it. And it goes on for hundreds and thousands of lives and nothing gets any better. If that is not frustrating, I don’t know what is. Give up all hope for material enjoyment and get all hope for experiencing the bliss of Krsna Consciousness. Keep yourself engaged as much as possible in some enlivening service for Krsna.