1. Do you talk about what’s wrong with people or do you talk about what’s wrong with yourself and how you can improve?

2 Do you procrastinate on your goals and tell others why you can’t achieve them or do you work on your goals?

3. Do you spend more time watching TV, surfing the net, and reading the news than you do hearing and/or reading sastra?

4. Do you allow yourself to become distracted when you chant japa or do you make an effort to be focused, present and prayerful?

5. Do you shy away from making needed changes in yourself, sadhana and service or do you love to challenge yourself?

6. Do you just do enough sadhana (or just do it well enough) to keep your head above water or do you do whatever is necessary to make steady advancement?

7. Do you associate more with those who like to complain or do you associate with those who can help you advance?

8. Do you remain stuck in the past or do you get inspired by what can be done now and in the future?

9. Do you resist difficult or challenging service or do you seek out such service?

10. Do you do your service with an attitude of “just get it done” or do you do it like an artist would approach working on a masterpiece?

11. Does your association bring people down or does it lift them up?

12. Do you waste time or do you fully exploit time?

13. Do you serve to receive applause or do you serve to please guru and Krsna?

14. Do you sleep late or do you rise early?

15. Do you do your service just for your own upliftment or do you also do service as a means to change the world?