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Thank you for you willingness to support the work of H G Mahatma Das and Bhakti Life. Your support is greatly appreciated. We are working on the following projects for which we require support.
  • The further development and expansion of the Women of Bhakti film and tour (for more info please visit
  • The development and marketing of a series of courses on applying the Gita’s teachings to real world problems geared to both individuals and organizations (including corporations).
  • The production of four books: Living the Wisdom of Bhakti, Enlightened Warrior – The Bhagavad-gita’s 8 Laws of Success, Transformation Through Forgiveness – Making Peace with Your Karma, Coming to Krsna Consciousness– What I Learned on the Path (a book about my coming to and life in Krsna consciousness)
  • The development of three online courses: The Japa Workshop, The Bhakti Experience and Transformation Through Forgiveness and accompanying free short e-courses for each of the above.
  • The development of several websites entirely dedicated to and relevant for people brand new to bhakti or Krishna consciousness, each website geared to a particular demographic.
  • The upgrading of current websites to be more interactive, informative, and user friendly, and to make downloading audio and video easier.
  • The upgrading of existing workshops through better presentations materials and handouts and improved advertising materials.
  • The development of new workshops relevant to important challenges devotees face.
  • Producing hard copy and downloadable audio and video media of existing workshops.
  • To expand our workshops around the world by training Bhakti Life presenters.
  • Establishing a Bhakti Life administrative office in Mayapura to run the bhakti life projects described above.

Bhakti Life is a non-profit effort supported primarily by donations. Your support will help us develop our courses and services while keeping course administrative fees low.

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Make your check payable to Bhakti Life and mail to – 618 Village Drive, Edison, NJ 08817 USA

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Martin Hausner
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Name of AC Holder: Martin Hausner
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